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I have never been a small, thin girl and have always struggled with my weight although being active most of my life.  Numerous diets etc later and hitting the 50 year age mark I almost gave up on trying.  Then I saw an add of The Body Specialists Clinic and started the ilipo sessions half heartedly thinking "O Well, it wont kill me trying another fad...BOY was I WRONG!!!"




The Lipo/Laser/Sauna sessions are GREAT...but the TLC Programme did it for me.  Last year March 2013 I started on the TLC.  March 2014 - a year later - I am still at my goal weight of 58kg.  15kg lighter...I gave away all my FAT clothes- I refuse to ever fit into them again!  I recommend The Body Specialists to everyone.


Thank you for giving me my body back!


Amanda Bithell

To the Beautiful ladies that changed my life,


Thank you very much for all your support.  I am really going to miss the Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  But i will definatly not go back to my old habits.  I will keep in mind all the information that I read and recieved and very sure that I will succeed to get to my goal.


Like I said to Michelle, i am not going to say goodbye- just a see you soon.


Thanks and with lots of love,



You are the best.

The Body Specialists Team

It is with much excitement and gratitude that i have reached my goal weight 65kg. I have always tried to be healthy and have tried different diets. And have had varying degrees of success in the pass. However when i reached 84kgs I knew that I needed to do something to change the course I was on. I read about the programme in a wedding brochure and I sighned up what proved to be the best thing I could’ve ever done. The TLC-Program has been important and helpful in the following ways: Firstly, the scientific and medical approuch to the individual diet was based on my personal profile.The portions and meals were sufficient and filling. Secondly the accuracy of the results, losing weight steadily. Getting into Phase 3 is also encouraging as my body is reacting well to the increased quantities. This way of eating is now my way of life, except in situations beyond my control. Even then,I’m disciplined. Thirdly Ilikedthe convenience of the Turbo-Boost Supplements. Finally I want to express my gratitude to my couch, Lorna, for her kind and professional approach to guiding me on this journey. Thanks also to the team.


Kind regards

Kathy Thomas (Grahamstown)

Dear Specialist Team,


I am very happy to say that i have done the stabilization and all went well. My goal was 65kgs. During stabilization my weight fluctuated between 64.4kgs-65.6kgs


The TLC medical diet was life changing experience. I decided to do it because a family friend had very good results. My baby was 3months at the time I started the diet and I felt I just had to do something about my body, as I was overweight and had a flabby tummy after giving birth.


I have lost 18kgs and still maintaining it. My self confidence and self-esteem has improoved so much that i feel I can do anything I put my mind to. My relationship with my family, friends and people I deal with on a daily basis has improoved, simply because I feel better abou myself.


When I look in the mirror I still get a fright, because i cannot believe that its really me! I have gone from a size 14 to a perfect 10.


I enjoy the food on the TLC-Programme very much. I cooked the same food for my family as well- just larger prtions for my husband. He enjoyed it so much, its now become part of our every day routine to eat healthy. He says the healthy food is much nicer then the unhealthy food. My energy levels have increased and I found that I was able to manage my stress much better. Cravings are now a thing of the past


 So all round it was worth ever cent and i have learnt so many valuable lessons regarding eating/living healthy. I will take it with me for the rest of my life.


Azarel Health & Body Specialists : Thank you so much for your continued support, I would not have been able to do it without you.



Lee-Ann Van Niekerk





I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone, especially to Lorna Romer, for all you have done  for me.  I have had hormonal problems since the age of 19 and after being on the TLC program for only a few months, my hormones are back on track.  I have lost 15kgs and I am very pleased to say I am pregnant!  My husband and I are just thrilled  and once again want to say that without the help from you, it would have been a different experience.  


I’ll be sure to refer friends in future to your establishment because I just know you will look after them in the same manor in which you looked after me- keeping my interests in priority.


Once again, my thanks comes from the bottom of my husbands and my heart!


Wishing you well forward - I’ll be soon to pop in soon after my child is born. You have helped me establish a different way of discipline in my life with regards to how my health is concerned - something I doubt I’ll be able to live without in the future.


Kind Regards

Mischa Wolmarans


Dear Body Specialist Team 


I have now lost 9 kg on the TLC Programme and I am wearing a pair of pants today that i bought 6 years ago, but have NEVER worn.  I refused to throw them out and I finally fit into them!  I am really enjoying the programme and am so chuffed with my loss.  I have been following it 90% of the time and I dont feel deprived at all.  The best part is I have not picked up any weigth (even when I have had a bad moment) and this for me is HUGE.  Once I start to feel that I am depriving my body of everything, I soon give up and I am now 10 weeks in and have not given up at all.

I cant wait to see you all in July next year and show you the new me!


Simone Welgemoed


(Acceleration and TLC Package)

Thank You Candice 

you have totally Changed my life, I have been suffering with severe allergies for as long as i can remember and tried everything, until i came to see you and did the SCIO , and with just a few changes in my diet and dealing with past issues, i can wake up in the morning without a blocked nose, and feeling horrible and itchy. who knew something i was exposing myself to so many allergens i wasnt even aware of, and totally eating the wrong foods. thank you so much. i would highly reccomend seeing Candice. life changing 

Marilyn Baker 

Port Elizabeth 

After spending countless nights in hospital, doing blood work, sonars, xrays, seeing specialists in Cape Town we found Candice. Emma has been suffering with her chest for the past 3 years. 4 weeks ago we had her tested and found out she was allergic to milo. since we have stopped we have not been sick and we have stopped all our chronic medication. 

this truly is a christmas miracle. thank you so much for everything you have done for us. 

Lilandi and Emma De Bruyn 

Thank you Candice for helping with our Connor's allergies. the last 20 months have not been easy. its been back and forth to doctors, antibiotics, cortisone, creams and more creams. after one session with you on the SCio, changing his formula and a few other things in his diet and he is a different child. his face has not been this clear since birth. he is a different child. he has always been happy, but he just seems more cheerful and no SCRATCHING :) this is a miracle. im so grateful that our path lead to you. thank you so much. we look forward to the road ahead xoxo 

Petro Botha 

I reccomend Lipo laser , i visited SA last year and had lipo laser done. i lost 10kg after 10 cm , with help of 4s slimming capsules as well. what a lovely helpful bunch of people, i would go back any day 

Kayleen Peach 


Wow, I was blown away! i was like a kid in a candy store ( Candy/Candice get it? ) she is so knowledgeable, and she has such amazing products and technology in her clinic. i just went for a look see and walked away with a bunch of excelent products and i made an appointment for full consultation as soon as possible! FIVE STARS. I would totally recomend her and her capable staff. 

Gavin James Sternley 

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