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KINESIOLOGY ... what it is and how it works?

Kinesiology is the science of human movement- The word is derived from the original Greek words "kinein" meaning to move and "aisthesis" meaning perception.
Human beings are self-regulating and programmed to heal themselves. Sometimes, however, blockages or breakages occur in the body and its organs and it is here that the use of Kinesiology as verification tool is invaluable. Through Kinesiology muscle testing it is possible to establish the cause of the imbalance and how the person is maintaining it. By moving body to a state of balance by using various techniques to balance the energy levels and flow in the body. (chi)

Using the intrinsic, scientific functioning of muscles and neurology, a Kinesiology facilitator works neither with "right" or "wrong", nor with "good" or "bad", but identifies adverse stressors/ allergens and blockages within a person’s adapt-ability and employs various techniques to re-establish balance where previously imbalance, dis-ease and dis-comfort existed.

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Why am i feeling this way?
  • Why is medicine not working for me? Blood tests come back fine?
  • Have you tried everything?
  • Uncover what is really going on in your body, let your body speak to you, and witness instant result and relief.

Kinesiology can assist with the following:

• Additional benefit to children is their enhanced learning abilities when they are using TFH methods to help those with learning difficulties (ADHD, ADD, Autism and Dyslexia)
• Energy balancing techniques successfully manage pain, tension and stress in the body
• Postural correction and co-ordination
• Hearing/eyesight problems
• Dis-ease in the body, illness, allergies
• Adrenal burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome
• Sleeping problems
• Emotional blockages that cause imbalance in the body using Emotional stress release
• Hormonal biochemical imbalances
• Muscle spasms and injuries
• Chronic Conditions such as Diabetes, epilepsy, cholesterol and blood pressure problems
• Sports related conditions and injuries
• Infant colic, reflex and sleeping troubles
• Weight management
• Acupuncture without needles
• And more.

Treatments can be done from birth to elderly and your pets.
I offer a 14 muscle fix as you go balance and Specialised Bioanalytical Kinesiology for detailed allergy screening and health assessment.

In conclusion this is energetic science. Modern medicine today.
To make a booking or for more information please contact us on 0413638282 or 0845564097 or email us on / for all our other specialities.

Your Health is TRUE wealth.


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