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Scio- Universal Electrophysical Biofeedback System

Tomorrow's Medicine Today!! 

The SCIO is a revolutionaly device, its the future of Medicine, endorsed and used by NASA. The Scio biofeedback program with Computor software gathers bioenergetic infomation of a clients subconscious. This infomation is gathered from the body through electrodes in the head and the limb straps providing accurate and precise picture of the clients general health status. 

This infomation is selected and listed by the SCIO in order of the highest reaction and the stressors are analyzed in the course of a stress management session. 

So what can the SCIO do? 

Well I say what cant the SCIO do? 

This Biofeedback application and microcurrent stimualtion has proven positive effects in the following: 

  • Reduction of pain through MENS 
  • the healing of trauma physical and emotional/ wounds 
  • the detection of stress and reduction of stress 
  • the rectification of internal terrain / pH levels
  • treatment of Allergies 
  • treatment for babies and Animals 
  • muscular re-education from injury, weakness or dystonia 
  • Insomnia and more an A-Z of conditions and ailments 

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