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Chili Boost Capsules 

Chili Boost
Chili Boost is a fat burner and will ensure regular bowel movements, stabilizing the metabolism and increasing energy levels.
Very effective to lower cholesterol levels.

Chili Boost is a herbal capsule which can be taken as an additional natural fat burner and help with the energy levels. Chili Boost stabilizes the metabolism and the functions of the organs. L-Carnitine stimulates the liver functions and promotes higher energy levels. It is also very effective in the treatment of cholesterol. Chili Boost stabilizes the metabolism and helps with the regular intake of food to ensure more regular bowel movements.

Three bowel movements per day indicate an optimal metabolism. Chili Boost reduces cravings.


Chili Curves Lotion 

Chili Curves
Chili Curves is used to tone and firm thebody. Excellent for treating cellulite and for enhancing and lifting the breasts.

The active ingredient, Ivy Extract is very effective in treating cellulite and is highly effective for the firming and toning of the body and gives the skin a smooth feel. Vitamin A & D treats stretch marks and helps with anti-ageing. Chili Curves reactivates the working of Chili Wrap.
Chili Wrap and Chili Curves work in conjunction with each other. Chili Curves is to be used on the days in between the Chili Wrap intensive treatment. Never skip the application of the Chili Curves because then you slow down the results and no treatment of cellulite or toning can be done.

Approximately 2 tablespoons (20ml) of cream must be used in the MORNING, (there is more activity during the day than at night for circulation) straight after a hot bath or shower. When the skin is clean and hot the pores are open and the cream will absorb better and faster.
Spread Classic Curves evenly over the palms of your hands and “patt-patt’ over the entire body and the rub as you would with normal body lotion. Use a clapping action to stimulate the blood circulation. Wait for at least 15 – 20 minutes before getting dressed to enable the cream to be absorbed and to dry, if you do not wait long enough the smell of the herbs will penetrate your clothing.
After application of the cream, first style your hair and apply your make-up and then get dressed. If you are not allergic or sensitive to perfumes, a 10 – 15 ml of Lemon Grass oil can be added to the Chili Curves to mask the smell of the herbs.


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